…….and the most frequently asked question is why Hauskhaas? More importantly is it named after the famed Hauz Khas in Delhi?

A Simple one word answer is no.

The longer and more detailed one is essayed below –

One of the many challenges in starting your own venture is naming it! As surprising as it might seem, I must have spent umpteen hours researching the most basic of all things – a simple name for my startup.

I wanted something that would be shout out loud – FOOD! It needed to be in-your-face food. My first thought was Gluttonix. Having grown up with Asterix comics, Oblix and the banquet table at the end of every adventure symbolized the sheer love for and abundance of food.

As much as I fell in love with the name, my friends and colleagues kept dissuading me. They thought Gluttonix invoked the negative connotation of greed.. L

One day while sitting on University Avenue outside the Stanford campus in California, I noticed the Blue bottle coffee house called HanaHaus.. I loved the sound of it and googled the meaning – Hana meant blessed and Haus meant home in German. Not wanting to get God and religion into the name of my new enterprise, I pivoted the beautiful sounding name to HausKhaas – Haus meaning “home” in German and ”Khaas” meaning something special in Marathi seemed to fit perfectly with my story of bringing to home made specialties to foodies at their doorstep.

After being asked so often about whether HausKhaas was named after Hauz Khas in Delhi, I decided to actually take a trip there to find out more about these famed Hauz Khas.

To my delight, Hauz Khas or the Hauz Khas village as it is called is a lovely place in South Delhi that has some amazing historical monuments from the 13th and 14th centuries.

Hauz Khas was a part of Siri, the second medieval city of India of the Delhi Sultanate of Allauddin Khilji Dynasty (1296–1316)


Anyways I digress here. My first trip to Hauz Khas was an eye- opening and more importantly tongue teasing adventures. There are some amazing food places in Hauz Khas – from Gung the palace serving Korean food to the lovely lounge at Raasta serving the more continental food. I literally had to pull myself back everytime I passed another new restaurant or pub or lounge.

After spending an entire day, peeping, tasting and drinking at the different eateries and bars in Hauz Khas I walked away feeling quite happy with the choice of my name HausKhaas. Even though the similarity between names Hauz Khas and HausKhaas was too glaring, atleast my HausKhaas stood for the same love and variety and authenticity of Delhi’s historical and majestic Hauz Khas.

For the first time after many days, I believe I slept well knowing that my dear HausKhaas evoked the right kind of aura in people’s mind.


Whats in the name – HausKhaas?

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