Palatable, delicious, gratifying, delightful words will be falling short when it comes to Gujarati delicacy. This community is known for the variety of food. Every family has its own traditional recipe but Undhiyu is the common love of every Gujarati. Undhiyu is a Gujarati dish and the regional specialty of Surat. Undhiyu is seasonal dish and specialty of winter due to availability of vegetables. Undhiyu the name comes from the Gujarati word “Undhu” which translates to upside down, as the dish is cooked upside down underground in earthen pot, called “Matlu”, which are fired from above.

This Gujarati dish has special ingredients which make you drool over this food till your tummy full. As the dish is a seasonal one so it has all vegetables available on the south Gujarat coastal line including Surat, Navsari and Valsad regions during winters. Including Surti Papadi, Lilva Dana, Green Peas, Tuvar Dana, Baby Brinjals, Baby Potatoes, Purple Yam, Sweet Potatoes, Rajagiri Bananas. There are two types of Undhiyu, one with Garam Masala and the other one is with Green Masala. The famous and original Undhiyu is Surti Undhiyu which is always cooked in Green Masala.

Undhiyu is the sort of community dish so families always make it in bulk and always distribute to near and dear ones. Making Undhiyu itself is a big job and tiresome. Most of the Gujarati families still follow joint family culture so this tedious job turns into fun task. Every task has been assigned to someone in the family which makes this job very easy. Getting ingredients done is the day long job which includes cleaning and chopping vegetables, masala grinding, coconut grating and also rolling muthias. This unity working simplifies the process. After entire day job Undhiyu cooking takes another four hours.

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Undhiyu – Delectable Delicacy of Gujarat
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