1. Thai Basil Chicken: Also Known As Gai Pad Krapow in local Thai, this dish combines flavours of whole basil leaves joins chicken and fiery red chilies for a quick, delicious, and decidedly spicy stir-fry. Holy basil is the most authentic choice. Our home chef use the authentic Thai spice mixture to make this dish more flavourful taste. Served with rice.

  2. Malaysian Satay Chicken Curry: This curry has authentic Malaysian flavour, the dipping sauce and Satay Sauce , putting right balance of all the spices this taste amazing with steamed rice. This curry had plenty of flavour because of the combination of the spices, the fresh coriander and the lime juice. It is served with rice.

  3. Thai Red Curry: A traditional red thai Veg/Chicken curry simmered with assorted vegetables, this goes well with rice. The coconut milk balances the spices while basil leaves add a characteristic aroma to this dish. Goes well with rice, or burnt garlic fried rice.

Top 3 South-East Asian Dishes Available in Pune

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