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You pull out all the steps when its house party and you are the Host!! So this blog will definitely serve your purpose. Make your House Party menu easy yet very special. So you no need to burn the candle at both the end!! Gone those days when everybody’s shopping when you are busy buying recipe books or online recipe search. This choice of cuisine like Continental, Italian, Middle Eastern, South East Asian and Indian will help you to design your own menu.

  • Stroganoff – There are different dishes are made using the particular sauce with Smetana called as “Stroganoff” Special Russian dish has different variations like Mushroom Stroganoff in veg and Chicken Stroganoff. This sauce is made with three main ingredients flour, butter and olive oil. Then sautéed pieces of beef or chicken and for veg sautéed mushrooms. You spice-up it with parsley or your choice of dry spices.
  • Lasagna – Italian food is liked all over the world. Enjoyed by every member of the family from kids to oldies. Now a days because of fast food and food outlets Pizza and Pastas have reached at every door step. So what unique we can serve in this cuisine. So here you can blindly go with Baked Lasagna. It falls into the same category and kind of flat pasta. One of the oldest types of pasta. It has several layers of pasta with sauces and other ingredients like cheese, meat
  • Haleem – This is slow cooked middle-eastern delicacy has different variations like chicken Haleem, mutton Haleem and veg Haleem. It is mostly popular in middle east, some part pf India and central Asia. Haleem is consisting of wheat, barley, minced meat or chicken. It also has lentils, spices and rice can be added to. In India Hyderabad Haleem is very famous. So this dish can be the big hit on this 31st December Party.
  • Khow Suey – Instead of serving regular cuisine lets spice things up by adding this dish on your menu. This dish is specialty of Burmese cuisine and comes from mountains Shan State. Main ingredients of this tasty dish are Egg noodles, Curried meat and Coconut milk. This dish is beloved in Burma and East India.
  • Nyonya Chicken Curry – South East Asian cuisine has few mouthwatering Malaysian dishes too. If your guests are non-vegetarian this dish can make them drool over this Malaysian Nonya chicken curry. This is the perfect blend of Chinese, Malay and Indonesian cuisine. Nyonya or Peranakans are people who are Chinese migrants and settled in parts of Penang, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. It has special spice paste known as ‘rempha’ which add flavor to this dish. Best to be served with steam rice.
  • Kerala Stew – Southern states of India have variety of dishes specially Kerala. Kerala cuisine has different variety and palatable dishes. You can pick this flavorful dish Kerala stew from this cuisine. It has both types veg and non-veg. Stew is slow cooked curry which has special spices and the ingredients. Ingredients like coconut, green chilies, cardamom, cinnamon etc are commonly used. It adds taste to this dish and aroma as well.
  • Dal Pakwan – India has variety of dishes from different cuisines. Every part of India will serve you scrumptious and different taste. But this flavorful dish from Sindhi community will just pamper your taste bud. Dal Pakwan has deep fried, crispy, unpuffed Maida puris called Pakwan and Chana Dal. This delightful dish is authentic Sindhi food. Another dish Sindhi Kadhi be a good choice for this New Year house party which little different from other kadhis. It has vegetables. This dish is very famous in this community and best served with rice. It is also easy to make and easily make in quantity for lots of people.
  • Shapta Chicken – Tibetan food is now almost has won Indian hearts. This Indo-Chinese flavored Cuisine has very simple yet tasty ingredients. We normally have Momos which is Tibetan food. So now you can go further try and let your guests have new dish of Tibetan cuisine known as Shapta or Shaptra. It has strong flavor of ginger and garlic. This thick gravy with tender chicken pieces best served with steam rice.
  • Tiramisu – After heavy main course this worldwide famous coffee flavored Italian dessert can fully satisfy your guests. It has ingredients such as savoiardi commonly known as ladies fingers, egg yolks, mascarpone cheese, Cocoa and coffee. This layered, sponge, delightful dessert can win everybody’s heart at your party. So just go for it and get all praising of guests.
  • Malpua – Malpua is a sweet pancakes made with flour and Khoya. This delicacy is mainly originating from different parts of India, Nepal and Bangladesh. This mouthwatering dessert mainly prepared in festival season. This dish has been prepared differently in every region. Best to be served with Rabdi.
Serve Something Special At Your House Party!
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