Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and indulge in an experience paralleled by no other. The Iftar food experience is like no other. HausKhaas has curated a menu specifically for this Ramadan season. Never experienced Iftar food before? Fret not. HausKhaas’s menu offers a range of dishes in their regional subtle variations. Take the world renowned Haleem for example. Haleem is prepared differently by different Islamic communities across India and the world. The Bohri Haleem has a subtle taste to it, not containing many spices but center-piecing the core ingredient: the meat (be it mutton or chicken). The Hyderabadi Haleem on the other hand, contains spices, and is a lot spicier than the traditional Bohra style Haleem. These nuances in the preparation of Haleem result in a Haleem for every taste bud. HausKhaas has 3 variations of Haleem on its menu: The Bohra Haleem, Hyderabadi Haleem and North-Indian style Haleem.

Mutton Haleem

Another popular Iftar special HausKhaas dish is the Kabuli Biryani. Traditionally eaten in the south of India, the kabuli biryani contains Kabuli channa (a legume similar to the chickpea) as well as an overnight marinated meat (either chicken or mutton) along with an array of spices quintessential to the traditional Hyderabadi palate. The carbohydrates of the rice, the protein in the meat as well as the garbanzo beans and the spices to add flavour to the rice make the Kabuli Biryani an ideal fit for an Iftar meal.

Kabuli Chicken Biryani

A Ramadan favourite Mughlai dish is the ‘Nalli Nihari’. The Nalli Nihari is a curry of mutton slow-cooked on a charcoal fire and goes well with laccha paratha. Because the mutton is cooked overnight, this dish has a 1-day pre-order, which means you must allow a day for our homechef to prepare this dish. The tender, mouth-watering meat floats in a spicy gravy which is laced with fat and absolutely melts in your mouth. A must-try dish to truly experience a culinary masterpiece.

Nalli Nihari

Last but not the least, for all those with a sweet tooth: HausKhaas has an Iftar special – Sheer Khurma. A Persian dish whose literal translation is: milk with dates. Sheer Khurma is a popular dish throughout central Asia, it is generally eaten on the morning of Eid, right after the morning prayer and served throughout the day to visitors.

Sheer Khurma

This Ramadan season, order online on and embark on a culinary journey like no other. HausKhaas brings you the various dishes eaten during Iftar all on one platform. Home-cooked and prepared fresh by our homechefs, these dishes are guaranteed to leave your taste buds craving for more.

WHAT: Iftar Special Menu

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New Iftar Specials Menu Curated by HausKhaas
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