We at HausKhaas aim at redefining mealtimes at home. Unlike any other online food ordering and delivery websites, we bring to you food prepared in the kitchens of home-chefs (people just like you and me) delivered to your doorstep. All the food is prepared from fresh ingredients in clean and hygienic kitchens. We have got a different menu curated and customized on a daily basis for you to enjoy versatility in your meal throughout the week.

You can now eat wide variety of genuine and exotic cuisines from the globe. The taste of each dish is going to take you to an amazing gastronomic journey – we guarantee that.

Well, with HausKhaas you can now reach out to many more such home chefs and order fresh, curated home-made meals daily that will be delivered to you at your doorstep with a click of a button – We pledge to make your dinner time an amazing experience.


Social responsibility

organic containers



We commit to ensure that we do our bit to save the environment. – All our HomeChefs use 100% biodegradable materials to pack the food. The delivery boys use recycled paperbags to carry your food to your houses.




your daily nutrition



We commit to providing healthy, nutritious and complete weeknight meals. All our meals will have 70gm – 100gm of carbohydrates; 130gm – 150gm of protein in the form of meat, soya, panner or lentils; and 150gm – 250 gm of vegetables.



So go ahead – order your fresh home-made meal and enjoy a guilt-free, honest-to-good “exciting” meal delivered to you at your doorstep!


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HausKhaas – Fresh, curated home-made meal

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