Food aggregation as a concept is not more than a decade old, and started to emerge as a well-respected, credible B2C business model with its share of evolvements. This has strengthened the business model into a full-grown industry. This is one side of the story. On the other hand, when we look into the Indian corporate space, food services as an industry was mainly dominated by unorganized players. These suppliers had a traditional approach towards their methods & measures. They had little or no knowledge about the requirements of the corporates or the latest technological advancements in the sector. As a result, quality and hygiene came into question. The needs of these modern corporates were evolving day by day, and so was the increasing gap between their expectations from the supply side.

The evolution of Hauskhaas’ business model is directly linked to the paradigm shift in meal consumption trends of modern-day corporates. To bring deliciousness back into the lives of working professionals and removing the hassle of food delivery, this business model clicks the perfect chord. This is still just addressing the bottom part of the hierarchy. The future of the corporate food requirements at large are driven by a coveted call-to-action concept.

Here is the breakdown of how Hauskhaas’ B2B business model is addressing the needs of more than 200 modern corporates in Pune for the past 4 years.

End to End Service Providers for Corporates

Serves to be a single window for all corporate food needs. Delectable, Professional and Presentable! Addresses needs for any business occasions – be it lunch meetings, board lunches, client meetings, employee engagements or birthday celebrations. 

Variety is the Spice of Life

With more than 100 partner kitchens and home chefs, this food aggregation model allows one to choose from a variety of cuisines and never resort to the same old food from that boring nearby hotel ever again.

Operational Efficiency

For excellent food quality, individual packing and guaranteed on time delivery, a dedicated team works solely to plan and prepare the perfect systems for the quickest deliveries with utmost ease in coordination for corporates.

Controlled Environment for Food Safety & Preparation

With regards to the corporates’ needs on food safety, quality and hygiene, at Hauskhaas the vendors on the supply side are on-boarded after various checks. Keeping in mind the specific needs and preferences of the corporates, the vendor licenses and safety certificates, and the capacity to do volumes are some of the top criteria. Quarterly kitchen visits are scheduled for quality checks and validation.

Predictability & Standardization

A day in a life of a HR or admin could involve organizing various events, and food plays a pivotal role in all of these, be it lunch for their Senior Management , or working trays for their client board meeting, or snack boxes for employee engagement activities. Under such circumstances it is very important to have a service provider who gives ease and reliability with regards to ordering and delivery. Hauskhaas has helped these folks to establish predictability when they are planning their month on month calendar for events and client visits.

Customization is the Key

A country where tastes and cuisines are constantly changing with every state line, there has been a rise in demand for customized food. Admins/HRs are looking to customize their menus as per their employees. Hauskhaas menu curation caters to and goes beyond their local cuisines to create a sense of value and belongingness in the minds of the employees. Premium ODC set ups to lunch trays packed individually for team lunch or snack boxes for employee engagement activities, all of these can be customized with Hauskhaas.

At Hauskhaas we pledge to innovate from time to time, towards eradicating all pain points for the Admins/HRs in all spheres of corporate life and ensuring seamlessness in taste, quality, and convenience.

Hauskhaas – Addressing the needs of the Modern Corporate India

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