Foodtech Updates

Amazon: To jump into new food technology for home delivery

Amazon world’s biggest online retailer will be selling ready-to-eat dishes such as beef stew and a vegetable frittata as soon as next year. This would be easy to do for two major reasons easy to stockpile, easy to ship as they do not need to refrigeration. They will be doing lot of innovation in this service as they have been already delivering groceries to customers home.

Voosly App: Improve your dining experience

Frustrated with long queues and waiting time at restaurants and food joints? This vooslys app will help you to create a much better dining experience. This app can cut down the waiting time for customers and allow them to learn about the dishes on offer, rate them and also many more features. This app will be very useful for the foodies who want to try new cuisine because most of the time staff is not well-trained to explain the menu choices.

How fresh is your food- ask to e-nose

New breakthrough Peres a nose shaped device will be able to detect the freshness of the food. This electronic device is specially invented for the non-vegetarian food items like beef, pork, poultry or fish. It detects the freshness of the product carries rick of food poisoning.

Foodtech Updates – Week 5, 2018
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