Christmas Party

Christmas!! You portray the picture of Santa, Christmas tree and “Christmas Cuisine”. The most delicious food with comfortable season “winter”. These are the days of year when people don’t count calories but the variety of delicacies to gulp on of course depends on your appetite. Decades ago or even before that the festival was celebrated mostly in European countries but in 21st century it is celebrated by entire world with same love and faith.

The specialty of this festival is its special menu; this meal is specially eaten anytime on the evening or for the dinner. The Christmas food always has different shades all depend on the ritual and cultural values.

So foodies get alert for the food to pounce on!! We have got some options from across the continents. In India we can sense the effect of English culture on Christian community. You can see it clearly the choice of cuisine they prefer.

Ham: Cut of meat taken from a Pig is called Ham. Mostly this is taken from the part of back leg of from the shoulders. The ham is always cooked in various ways depend on the region and culture. There are two types of Ham, bone and boneless. It is cooked in many ways like stores has ready made fully cooked, dry-cured packed in salt and then has raw which is fully cooked before eating. Ham with bone is always palatable than boneless ham.

Stew (Mutton/Chicken/Vegetables): Stew is basically type of gravy made with meat and vegetables slowly cooked in liquid. There are two types of stews white stew and brown stew. Meat or vegetables cooked in liquid like in water, stock, wine or sometimes in beer also. Stew must have food for Christmas dinner.

Whole Roast Chicken/Turkey: Poultry like chicken or turkey is cooked by roasting and this is exclusively added on Christmas dinner platter. Looking at the palatability given by this dish it is world famous in its various forms. The taste varies as per the geography like US its Rotisserie Chicken, India is renowned as Tandoori Chicken and other forms are Shawarma, Gyros etc.

Plum Cake: Every meal is incomplete if it gets over with delicious dessert. Christmas has variety of sweets like cakes, puddings, cookies and list goes on. However Plum cake is out of the ordinary. The cake is baked with fruits and nuts inside and atop. It has two types one with liquor and other is without liquor. Now plum cake is also known as fruit cake. It has grapes, raisins, currents or prunes.

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Foodies Ring the Jingle Bell this Christmas!!

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