Always dreamt of creating a happier and a high-yielding workplace? Dish up tastier, healthier food for your employees and you’ll see your profits soar!

Companies always try to squeeze more productivity out of the work day, a trend towards working “smarter,” rather than just “harder.” At the same time it is very difficult to work efficiently or at a high performance level without considering how you fuel that productivity.

HausKhaas, a leading corporate food aggregator based out of Pune conducted a survey that examined eating habits in the corporates and how employees react to company-paid food. According to the results, a few simple changes in the workplace meals or edibles offered by the company, not only had a huge impact on the employee’s cognition and productivity but also boasted higher retention and happiness rates.

Food serves as Fuel for Body and Mind

We all know how great a healthy diet is for our body, but did you know that food has the incredible power to boost your productivity by nourishing the brain? HausKhaas has been successful in creating healthy yet tasty meal options for over 1,00,000 employees across various IT and Manufacturing companies in Pune. Every meal is specially curated with essential nutrients to feed their mind and create long lasting energy to help employees stay focused and productive all day long.

Encouraging Employee Engagement and Boosting Team morale

Whether you’re bringing samosas to the company meeting, providing daily lunch meals, introducing fun Friday snacks or implementing Magical Monday Breakfast to beat the dreaded Monday blues,  providing food to your employees is one of the best ways to improve company morale and increase employee engagements which in return fosters employee productivity and lowers operating costs.

Great way to show Appreciation and Recognition

Incentives and perks have their place, but ultimately it is the culture of the organization, supported by people centric values, that matters more. A free meal isn’t just a nice perk, birthday celebrations and office parties show that your company cares about its workers, and that their daily efforts and contributions are truly appreciated.

A low cost motivator to increase productivity and bottom line

Food serves as a truly cost effective way to improve everything from job satisfaction to productivity of your employees. HausKhaas offers employers more options than ever that fit in their budgets right from snack boxes to packed meal trays and cafeteria management for providing delicious, fresh and authentic meals to their employees. Food based perks helped many companies accommodate unconventional office hours by motivating the employees to work extra hours resulting in increased productivity and bottom line.

Food has the incredible power to unite, stir opinion and bring joy. HausKhaas has its unique way to serve high productivity on the platter!

Food as Fuel – HausKhaas fosters Employee Productivity and Well being

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