One of the most interesting parts of my job has been to try and find HausChefs, understand their stories and passions and then learn to work with them -within their personal constraints and parameters.

I would like to initiate a series of such posts to give you an insight into the women and men behind the delicious one-of-a-kind food that you get to eat at HausKhaas.

It has been wonderful meeting some of these women (and men:) and hearing their stories. About the dishes they make and how and where they discovered their recipes and their personal tricks that they discovered/developed along the way.

One of the first such interesting ladies that I met was a friend of my mother-in-law. When I first met her, I was surprised to note that she was older than what I expected – probably in her mid-sixties. Despite having lived in Pune for more than a couple of decades now, her eyes lit up when we started talking about Kolhapur and its foods – sukkha mutton and pandhra rassa; tambda rassa; chicken lonche (some sort of chicken pickle served as an appetizer ); kolhapuri missal. These were some of dishes that she began talking about – in such an animated and detailed way that I could not help but begin to imagine myself actually eating it. Salivating happened for real J. I was totally awed by this grandmother – by her passion, by her enthusiasm and her love for the food that she grew up with.


When we met her in October of last year, she was not on whatsapp and did not have an email account. Today, she is one of the very savvy professional HausChefs that we have on board. Not only does she have her whatsapp and email accounts in place. She is active and prompt. I got a “Happy Women’s Day” broadcast message from her on Women’s day. To me this was probably one of the most satisfying moments in the HausKhaas journey thus far. To discover that HausKhaas had managed to turn this grandmother/Housewife into a tech savvy professional working in the foodtech space.

Heres wishing HausChef Sunita the very best in the new journey that she is embarking upon!


Finding HausChefs… Part #1

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