Temperature continuous to drop down sometime freezing temperature, chilly nights or just cold weather. Winter is a great season for everything from fashion, food to travelling. So let’s discuss about food. In winter we generally feel hungrier and also overindulge. Unlike summers, winters make easier to digest food. This is the season when the markets are brimming with all sorts of root vegetables, tubers and leafy greens that are robust with natural goodness.

Winter Special Recipes

  1. Undhiyu: This Gujarati winter specialty dish that’s made with all winter veggies. Along with Surti Papdi it has other vegetables such as brinjal (eggplant), sweet potatoes, green peas etc. are tossed together with traditional heat-generating spices to make a fiery veg dry stew. It has the special ingredient called Methi Muthia. Especially eaten in the winters as it helps to keep the cold at bay with lots of minerals, vitamins, fibers.
  2. Sarson Da Saag: It is popular traditional dish made in the winters. Sarson or mustard leaves one of the key ingredients that are full of iron and proteins. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties making it a beneficial vegetable that’s easily available in winters. Best served with Makki di Roti (corn flour flatbread), homemade butter and jaggery.
  3. Gajar Ka Halwa: Gajar Ka Halwa is the all-time favorite delicacy and also one of the most famous winter recipes. This sweet dish specially made in winters due to availability of fresh and sweet carrots. Gajar Ka Halwa mostly cooked with ghee (clarified butter) and laden with dry fruits. Carrot is an excellent source of vitamin A, dietary fiber and also powerful anti-oxidants. It regulates the blood sugar level. Ghee comes under good fats and helps the proper digestion of food. Also strengthen the immune system.
  4. Rogan Gosht: Rogan Gosht is aromatic lamb dish. This Kashmiri dish is laden with nuts and dry fruits along with fiery spices which can generate warmth to the body. Mutton helps preventing anemia. It also generates heat in the body so it’s a good food to have during winters. It has high nutritional values as it is stuffed with nuts and dry fruits.
  5. Bajra Khichdi: This Rajasthani dish is a good healthy option for winters. It easy and quick dish you can have after long busy day. Rajasthani’s use Bajra millet instead of rice that’s why it is different in taste. Bajra khichdi, with its creamy consistency and mild flavors gives you healthy yet satiating and also makes lovely meal when served with pickle, papad or curd. You can make it plane or can add veggies to enhance the taste.
  6. Til Poli: Til poli is a delicacy specially made on winter festival like Makar Sankranti and Pongal. Til (sesame) is healthy and also holds auspicious value. Til is a great source of vitamins and minerals like iron, fiber and magnesium. This stuffed flatten bread is made with sesame seeds and jaggery which has nutritional value. This is specially made in winters as both ingredients generate heat in the body and rich source of nutrition.
  7. Nolen Gurer Payesh: Payesh means pudding is a delicacy of Bengal. They consider Payesh as the ‘King of Desserts’. Nolen Gurer Payesh is made with date palm jaggery or just jaggery which is affluently available during winters. Nolen Gurer Payesh of jaggery flavored rice pudding is a signature dish of Makar Sankranti celebration known as Poush Parbon in West Bengal. It needs only three ingredients rice, milk and jaggery. This is one of the simple yet delectable desserts.

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7 delightful regional winter recipes everyone must try!
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